What is Ultrasonic welding?

In this section, you will learn what ultrasonic welding is and how it works.

Ultrasonic welding is a technique we use, to connect plastic parts. A tool, optimized to a defined resonance frequency, is loaded and stimulate by these frequency, generate a vibration which help us to weld plastics. Those vibrations/frequencies most common in kHz-areas, like 20, 30, 35, 40khz, and some more.

As soon as the plastics we want to weld are touched, they start to warm up, due to the molecules friction. Subsequently the melting point is reached and we can now connect the plastic.

The tool we use is called sonotrode or ultrasonic horn.

The emerging melt helps to connect the plastic after cooling down. This connection emerges from different types. A direct welding/joining between two parts from same material inside the melting zone, staking or flanging for parts with different materials, or clawing of melt inside non-plastic parts, i.e. wood or similar products.

Here you find out more about the application range.

Do you have an application or you are not sure if ultrasonic welding is right for you? Contact us. In a consultation we can answer all your questions and make sure to find the right way for you. Even if there a physical or geometric restrictions that make ultrasonic welding impossible we offer other solutions or welding processes.

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