Our Services

Manufacturing of sonotrodes and part fixtures.

Specify your application and we can consult you during the construction phase, choose the welding zone geometry and optimize your parts to the ultrasonics process.

Ultrasonic welding machines and components

We also deliver matching welding machines to our tools.

According to your application we will help with the selection and configuration.

From standard working enviroment (hand welding device, standard welding machine ) up to special 

welding machine projects (generators and actuators with or without control system, all other necessary components, converters, boosters, etc.).

Repair and rework

You already own sonotrodes or use ultrasonic welding in your manufacturing process?

We can control your tools and consult you fairly, if rework is possible. Repairs and reworks will be done immediately and without time delay.

Willingly we also manufacture replacements for existing tools.

Contact us if your existing tools need rework or repair.

Welding orders

It’s our pleasure to support you, welding your parts if you not possible do it your own, or i.e. through your part development process, starting by prototypes up to small series before realise your start for serial production.

When your series has a manageable amount of production quantities we can do it for you completely, for example if you don’t have the ability to weld in your facilities. 

If there are any questions left, you can contact me from monday-friday 8 – 16 o’clock via phone or e-mail.

Tel: 49 (0) 6073 740 7350