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In this section you will learn how we manufacture our sonotrodes, which materials we offer and other informations.

We construct and manufacture our sonotrodes using modern technology. With the help of FEA-Software analysis we can assure an optimum with exegesis and design during the construction process.

Manufacturing and material

We manufacture in aluminum, titanium, hardened ferrous alloys or Ferro-Titanit®. If you are unsure we can help you with the recommended use of the different materials.  Our common manufacturing covers 40khz, 30khz and 35khz, and 20khz. If you need any other frequency feel free to contact us.

We adjust our sonotrodes to your requirements and conditions. For example if you already own welding machines and/or boosters that are already in use. That way we can make sure to keep your costs low.

Of course we deliver our sonotrodes with custom needed threads or adapter screws. Before delivery the sonotrodes pass a function and parameter check.

During the production we capture the most important data and hand them off to you.

Replacement of sonotrodes

You already use sonotrodes but need a replacement? Tell us your requirements and we will make sure to help you as fast as we can. Quick delivery times is the biggest priority for us!

Any questions left?

If there are questions left you can contact us via phone or e-mail.

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If there are any questions left, you can contact me from monday-friday 8 – 16 o’clock via phone or e-mail.

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